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Monday, November 15, 2010

Happening Nov/Dec

It's end of the year again..with super lots of activities lined up..n peak period for work too!

Oh well life still gotta move on..so I'm looking forward to at least one exciting activity/events per werk from this week onwards..so tat I will (try to) haf motivation to work!

17nov -- PH
19nov -- choosing n fitting of gowns for pre-wedding photoshoot
20nov -- grandma's bday
23nov -- dad's bday
29nov -- my bday!!!!
30nov -- my lunar bday
12dec -- mani pedi for photoshoot
13dec -- photoshoot!!
18dec to 27 dec -- hong kong trip

And more activities to add on as days pass by.. :)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

It has been a long long time since I last blogged… too lazy…

Since my bday is around the corner, and some may ask what I want for bday… well.. here is my wishlist!

1. Agnes B Card holder + lanyard (Pink)
2. Multi-purpose magic scarf + shawl (Black or White) --> bought online luuuu~
3. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Hand Therapy cream (preferably small tubes.. 3 tubes in a box.. usually is xmas pack)
4. Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus Full Treatment Formula and Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (Black)
5. Ang baos

The above are the ones that are more affordable. Haha. Of coz I do have other things in mind which are more expensive.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First Consultation with The Aisle

It has been a long time since I last posted sumthing.. that is because I have no idea what to post and there is nuthing that I realy wanna post abt it.. until today!

We went for our first consultation with The Aisle.. :)

I din noe that I will need to try some of the gowns today! I tot we will just chit chat with the designer Eddie. But who noes.. Eddie told us that I will be trying a few gowns to let me have a feel of them.. but I need not confirm any yet..

Desiree helped me with the changing of gowns.. and so paiseh la.. though we are both ladies but still feel weird to be naked in frt of her.. haha

Tried the first gown and when I looked at myself in the mirror.. omg.. I couldnt believe it! I dunno how to describe my feeling then.. it was shocked, surprised, happy etc etc... I have nv expected myself to look like tat... haha.. well I think ALL girls look pretty in wedding gowns... :D

And then I looked at my dear.. his expression was priceless... hehe... I guess he was as surprised as I was.. :)

Tried a few more and I love almost all of them!

Gonna try summore next time we meet them again for fitting and confirmation.. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Karate Kid

Didn’t want to catch this movie at first coz I dun really like one of the actors inside. But I have heard so much positive reviews abt it and thus decided to check it out.

Worth my time and money and did not regret watching it.

A funny yet heartwarming movie I would say.

I’m not very sure why, but I cried right at the start of the movie. And though I laughed at some of the funny scenes, yet I cried for many of the scenes too.

I won’t say what are the scenes that made me cry as there are some others who have yet to catch this movie.

But I really cried a lot. Well maybe it is coz that I can actually feel how the boy felt. Coz I was once in a similar position. Just that I was not being bullied anyway.

However, it is really not easy to adapt to a new environment. Especially if you have to start to do so when u are at an older age. The younger you start, the easier you can adapt. I’m lucky that I didn’t start too late and I am already part of where I am now.

If you have yet to watch, you may want to catch this movie. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Date Set

Met up with our Master on 10 May 2010 and he explained to us things on weddings. Preparations, what to do at which date, the customary etc.

Anyway we were given a list of dates based on our requirements -- weekends, first half of rabbit year except cny mth, 3rd mth which is qing ming jie, and 6th mth which my parents felt that happy things shouldnt be done in 6th mth if not it will be 'half way' only, not complete not good.

And so we have chosen our big day date... 22 May 2011.

May is gonna be OUR month!!!

Our dating anni is on 27 May and our big day will be 22 May! :)

Anyway lubby is still having his exam, last paper on our dating anni day! So I've been doing the emailing to different hotels and restaurants.. and our first choice long ago is still our first choice now. Though that guy who replied our email like very blur.. ask him q he like nv ans and still address me as 'Kenneth'.. -_-

Will arrange to meet up with him at our first choice place after lubby's exam and see if we can have our ROM + lunch there...

Anyway I just hope that I can keep it small and simple.. not coz we are stingy.. but rather we do not want a big and complicated wedding, we prefer to have a simple gathering with all our close frens and relatives. To make it more personal.

Anyway dun expect performance such as 2x marching in, going up to cut the wedding cake, pour champange, yum seng on stage, brothers or sisters performing (well if brothers and sisters or frens wanna perform sumthing for us, we dun mind.. keep it a surprise! hahahaha).. it will just be a simple ROM ceremony, followed by a simple lunch.

Let's hope we can have a wedding that we want. :)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

4 Days MC

I was on 4 days MC from Tue to Friday.

On Tue morning, I wasnt feeling very well.. migraine and giddiness. Went to see the doc in the morning and had one day mc.

My situation got worse as time passed. Couldnt eat anything. Just feel like vomitting. And by evening, I was suffering. Suddenly, I couldnt control my limbs at all. My hands and legs and whole body, from toes up till the eyes, were numb. My fingers were all closed up and I was not able to open up my hands! I was dammmmnnnn scared la.... I tot sumthing was going to happen to me... I couldnt control but kept crying. And I think I scared my mum and my brothers too. :x As I couldnt walk, my mum had no choice but to call for home doc, who arrived at 7+pm. He said that I was having hyperventilation. He gave me a jab which stopped me from puking and asked me to rest. He then gave me MC for Wed and Thur. Lubby rushed down to see me and I was happy to see him. Sumhow I felt a little better.

On Wed, my migraine didnt seem to get any better. Giddiness, severe headache and vomitting feeling still got stuck with me. I was bed ridden for the 2nd day and couldnt do anything. Just by walking to toilet could make me feel damn sick. Lubby took half day leave and accompany me. As my headache didnt go away and even got worse, my mum brought me to see the doc again, who then changed another type of med for me.

On Thursday, the pain was STILL there. I still couldnt eat much, I still felt like my head was going to explode! I really couldnt take it anymore and my mum brought me to the doc AGAIN and doc gave me a jab to stop the pain. And then MC for Friday. Thursday night lubby came to see me and whenever I saw him I would feel a bit better.

On Friday, I was recovering. FINALLY. I could walk ard the hse a little. Started talking to mum a little more. Started to eat more. And headache LESS but still there. By dinner time, I was pretty ok and could still 'say' my dear as complained by him.

Though these 2 days I am still recovering and dun feel that good but at least Im no longer suffering. I started going out yst and it was not easy. I couldnt adapt to the moving objects, people, lights and glaring sun. However, todae I'm much better already.

The past 4 days were the worse time in my life. I have never been on MC for such a long period and I felt very bad for worrying my loved ones. I just hope that migraine will leave me and wun bother me. Anyway I think I will consult chinese doc for my migraine. Anyone has any chi doc to recommend? esp for arcupuncture?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet The Parents Session

Finally, my parents met lubby's parents today.

It was a planned lunch at Paramount restaurant. Dim Sum lunch.

Before the lunch, I was starting to feel a bit nervous in the morning. haha. coz it's the first time they meet ma...

Anyway the lunch was ok though the parents of both sides were a little quiet.. think they dunno wat to tok abt... a bit awkward... but still arite...

So now, what we are going to do next is to find a master and choose our dates. And then start to shortlist more suitable ROM venue.

And then inform the bridal shop abt ur date and plan out photoshoot date..


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Trying Out New Restaurants

Have been reading blogs and reviews online on good food places.

Went to try out 2 of them.

One is Riders Cafe at Bukit Timah Saddles Club. It is at a super ulu place which u can either take a taxi or drive there. If you wanna take bus and walk there.. forget it.. u will not be able to find it.. hahaha.. anyway had brunch there with frens on Sat morning. The breakfast we tried are pretty gd. The Riders Breakfast consists of 2 eggs, sausages/hams/bacons, baked beans, grapes and toasts. According to frens and my dear who had that, the set was not bad. I had morning pancakes.. SUPER nice la! I'm not really a fan of pancakes.. for eg when I have pancakes in Mac, usually after eating 1 piece I wun wanna continue coz sumhow there is this weird flour taste... However the pancakes at Riders Cafe are GOOD! 3 thick pieces of pancakes stacked up with whipped cream (I din take tat though), raspberry and not very sweet maple syrup.. superb! really v nice.. tat even at this time I feel like eating again.. Will definitely go back for the pancakes again! We also ordered buffalo wings to share.. the sauce was just nice, and the meat was tender.. another thumbs up!

Another place tat I tried was Cafe De Hong Kong at Balestier Road Eastpac Building. Went there twice in a week. The first time was just lubby and me. We had beef brisket noodles, beef fried rice, french toast and pork chop. The beef brisket noodles soup was great.. but I feel that the noodles was a bit too hard. The french toast was one of the best I have ever eaten. To our surprise, there were peanut butter in the thick toast! And the pork chop was nice! It was in small pieces which were not oily at all and the meat was so tender that lubby couldn't stop eating!

And guess what, we went back to Cafe De Hong Kong on Sat night with frens again for dinner. :) This time round we ordered other food. The cripsy roasted chicken was not bad. The skin was very thin and cripsy. However I think they used frozen chicken and thus there were 'blood' near the bones. The You Mai Cai fried with garlic was simple yet everyone likes it. We also ordered the Cai Pu minced pork fried egg.. omg.. the egg actually 'melted' in ur mouth! The coffee pork ribs were sumthing worth mentioning too! The coffee flav was quite thick, yet not bitter but sweet. For a non-coffee person like me actually like that dish! :) The mushroom and fish soup was jsut so so and nuthing special. And of coz we ordered the pork chop and the french toast too! :) WAs a very full dinner and it only cost us abt $14 per pax with a big fat stomach! :D

Anyway lazy to upload photos.. pls just go to my
FB to see.. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weak Like a Jelly

My stomach has not been feeling gd since last Friday. Sat got worse. Tummy ache was on and off and I couldn't stand straight. Sunday was a bit better and then got worse in the evening.

Monday went to see doc and stayed home to rest. Doc said it was stomach flu. And coz of that, I missed one of the training. :( I wanted to go for that training coz it's on early childhood, sumthing tat I like and once wanted to take part time dip on...

Anyway Tue I went back to work and then tummy pain like siao in the evening after dinner. Went to see doc at night.. Gosh.. doc biz was sooooooo gd. It was like 9+pm and the que number of 76 while my que number was 87! I waited for abt an hr before being able to go into the room finally.

Had Mc todae.. and it was terrible! Morning woke up, run toilet, take med and back to slp. All the way till 12+pm and woke up for 2 soup spoons of porridge and a bit of steam fish. End up wanting to vomit and threw up some water. Went back to slp again till 4pm. Finally managed to eat a bit and dun feel as bad.

And todae I missed another course! :(

But anyway I am finally feeling like a human again.. was like a jelly the whole day... couldnt walk, couldnt talk.. and all I could do was slp slp slp and slp.

Hope I will be ok soon! Long wkend is coming and I have plans! I MUST GET WELL!!!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Testing for blogging on iphone

I've been neglecting my blog for a long time..especially after i got my iphone afew mths bk. Most of the time i just use iphone to update fb status. Am getting lazy to on comp to blog.

Finally got this app on iphone n hopefully i can update my blog more often!